Alejandro's editing career started in the cutting rooms of narrative films. He trained under Jill Bilcock on MOULIN ROUGE and ROAD TO PERDITION and Academy Award winner Thom Noble (WITNESS) on VERTICAL LIMIT. He then made the transition to editing documentary films. His previous project was KILLING THE MESSENGER: THE DEADLY COST OF NEWS, a documentary that delves into the perils faced by journalists around the globe as they try to keep their fellow citizens informed.

Alejandro’s work has been seen on PBS, premiered at both The Tribeca and The Los Angeles Film Festivals and has been programmed at various other national and international festivals. Immigration, freedom of the press, social justice are some of the themes that his work has dealt with. He has also collaborated in the creation of television specials, featurettes and webisodes for films such as SUCKER PUNCH, SHERLOCK HOLMES and 300.